A few decades later

"From the top of Carnmoney hill"A shot of the site from the top of Carnmoney hill.  This shows the new building for NITEC.  This also shows the level of development of housing in the fields facing the site.


In the beginning Standard Telephones and Cables created Monkstown

It all started in 1962.  Actually, to my surprise, I discovered at the Public Record office that it started in 1951 … but that is a story for another day.

In 1962 it was the start of an Era which had a significant effect on thousands of families in Northern Ireland and many lifetimes of effort associated with Standards (Standard Telephones and Cables) and in more recent decades Nortel.

This blog is dedicated to all those great experiences and memories of all the great folks who worked in Monkstown on the Doagh road.

It is a story in our own words, based on our failing memories and the huge number of photographs that have been collected and are being retained and published to aid our failing memories.

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