There were always two rushes. Firstly the rush to clock out in the clocking corridor at 4:30 followed by the rush of employees to get to the buses. It was always advisable to stay out the way of these two rushes
Buses serviced York Street, Grove, Shankill and East Belfast.

At that time Monkstown was seen as being a ‘Green Bus’ route, meaning that it was run by Ulsterbus and was outside the city, effectively in the country.

On remembering this ….  it was also often said that the STC clocking corridor was as busy as Donegal avenue, or how busy Donegal Avenue used to be in the 70’s.


Sir Ken Corfield

Sir Kenneth Corfield visiting Monkstown and in deep discussion with Jim Carvill and Noel McAlister

The focus of attention was the early days of the implementation of an On-line Purchasing system which replaced a batch system. This was all a big advance in those days but looking back it was so clunky and hard to use. The system used to ‘fall over’ every now and again and would take 2-3 hours to restore. The unofficial coffee breaks that this created were sometimes welcome but sometimes the last thing that we needed at a busy period.

The plan on this day was to have Sir Ken approve a high value Purchase Order personally … the system did behave .. and lasted for a number of years after that.

The turning off event of the Honeywell Level 6 after years of service, the official cutting of the power cable, by Robert.

Lots of familiar faces :Ivan, Terry, John, May, Robert, Noel, Mark, Adrian, Maxwell, Ronnie, Brian, Jim, Andy, Ken, Clifford…. more names will follow