Over the past 2 years a small number of us have been gathering together all the photographs and lots of the stories about the people who made the history of Monkstown through the decades from the early 60’s to the current day.

During that time we lived through some tremendous experiences with STC and Nortel. The aim of this collection is to make sure that we can remember the good times and the good people that we had real pleasure working with.

The blog is in addition to a rather informal book which is currently being collated. This isn’t meant to be a dull historical reference but is meant to be a collection of photographs through those decades and some of the anecdotes that we remember. Our memories are not perfect now and are fading over time.

Your replies to this blog, of stories and anecdotes will also be possible input to the book. It is truly meant to be a book collated from a many peoples memories as possible.

It has been fun over the last year or two finding some of the photographs we have had loads of pleasure already with small groups of people looking at a photograph and going “Who that?” “What’s his name” “Your hair was never like that!” and especially “Remember when this happened…….”.  Some of those memories will never be written down (to protect the innocent) …. but most just bring a smile to your face.

So, please feel encouraged to reply to any of the photographs with your memories and stories.



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