Graduate recruitment

This publication was created to support the annual ‘Milk Round’ where businesses would visit the local universities looking for the next crop of graduates. Some of us recent graduates, would also be involved as living examples of all the good things and opportunities that were awaiting graduates in STC.

I could have fun with that sentence and reflect on being sent to the tool room for “a long weight (or wait)” or the reaction I got when I asked for a small fitting to be formed out of 1/6″ Aluminium sheet.  But I wont digress.


I think with one exception I worked for each of these guys at one stage and have had some great learning experiences from each of them.

One taught me exactly the right time to fling a phone across a desk for maximum effect.

Another taught me the complete alphabet of factory suitable words, which were definitely not suitable at home, oh and how it was a career advancement to control the snow ploughs.

Another taught me sound design and how to keep in a budget and yet another taught me how to reside safely in Enniskillen.

Another two taught me all about doing projects, coaching me into project leadership either by choice or because they really needed helped.

Two were involved in my wedding send off, although where a nighty and a trolley were involved in that is far back in my memory, and therapy sessions.

One taught me the benefit of saying the wrong thing at the right time. Sometimes hilarious, like when he told us his daughter was ‘hijacking’ all around Europe. A classic technique to get a team relaxed and working.

And one taught me that tea break time was an opportunity to stretch our minds with all sorts of conundrums, inventions and mind-bending puzzles.

Jim I never worked for but I spend 6 weeks in Colchester working with his son Malvin.



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