Sir Ken Corfield

Sir Kenneth Corfield visiting Monkstown and in deep discussion with Jim Carvill and Noel McAlister

The focus of attention was the early days of the implementation of an On-line Purchasing system which replaced a batch system. This was all a big advance in those days but looking back it was so clunky and hard to use. The system used to ‘fall over’ every now and again and would take 2-3 hours to restore. The unofficial coffee breaks that this created were sometimes welcome but sometimes the last thing that we needed at a busy period.

The plan on this day was to have Sir Ken approve a high value Purchase Order personally … the system did behave .. and lasted for a number of years after that.

The turning off event of the Honeywell Level 6 after years of service, the official cutting of the power cable, by Robert.

Lots of familiar faces :Ivan, Terry, John, May, Robert, Noel, Mark, Adrian, Maxwell, Ronnie, Brian, Jim, Andy, Ken, Clifford…. more names will follow



5 thoughts on “Sir Ken Corfield

  1. It was, if my memory serves me correctly, the PR (purchasing/receiving) system designed by Newbury Labs…………….comment from …………..The Official Expense and Services Buyer

  2. Your memory is good Robert, yes Newbury terminals attached to our beloved Honeywell Level 6. I do have a photo of the official turning off of the Level 6, which I will try and dig out and post in the next couple of days.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. I worked with Norman Cringle in 1965 on implementing VOR of STC Ltd at Sheremetievo airport in Russia, and later on in1970-ies on ILS-II and ILS-III? , again in Russia. It was good to work with Norman. Thank you for this site! Victor

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