In the beginning Standard Telephones and Cables created Monkstown

It all started in 1962.  Actually, to my surprise, I discovered at the Public Record office that it started in 1951 … but that is a story for another day.

In 1962 it was the start of an Era which had a significant effect on thousands of families in Northern Ireland and many lifetimes of effort associated with Standards (Standard Telephones and Cables) and in more recent decades Nortel.

This blog is dedicated to all those great experiences and memories of all the great folks who worked in Monkstown on the Doagh road.

It is a story in our own words, based on our failing memories and the huge number of photographs that have been collected and are being retained and published to aid our failing memories.

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12 thoughts on “In the beginning Standard Telephones and Cables created Monkstown

  1. i worked in the rack wireing, in 1976 i got my photo in the standard new s paper my name was karon leitch, i work in txw4 do you have any copies of me in the paper i have the news paper clipping but would like to get the photo graph

  2. Great to see a site like this keeping old memories of the plant alive.

    Growing up in Newtownabbey, STC / NT / Nortel was a major employer. Many of my family members and friends’ family members worked there. From the factory floor, canteen, warehousing and through to the NITEC IT facility, employment opportunities for all skill levels were available.

    I can remember around 1991 when the STC flags came down and the Northern Telecom branding started.

    My friend’s dad worked in NITEC, I can remember him sneaking us news of exciting developments – powerline ethernet! Wireless networking! Exotic technologies in the 1990s!

    My dad’s firm was contracted to work on the boilers. However, when a fault occurred it was sent as an alert to a control room in London, who would phone his firm, who would be put through to the oncall number at our house – which at the time was a mile away from the plant!

    Sad that the social and football clubs survived the factory that spawned them. But then, the facilities are now home to other companies such as Bombardier Shorts.
    In my own career I’ve worked with many people who had fond memories of the NITEC days, they tell me of the Nortel sponsored nights out to London – partner accommodation included! A real insight into the 90s/2000s dotcom bubble.

  3. Interesting to find this website. I was one of the planning team at New Southgate that was set up to detail some of the new factory’s manufacturing layout. I also got involved in training some of the new production supervisors. I took my family there and stayed in a caravan nearby that Gwyn Evans found for us.

      • Sorry, Gwyn is the only name I remember. The main person I dealt with came from Donaghadee and I escorted him around several UK sites to show him the sort of production line setups and training that were already in use. We requisitioned the new pavilion at NS to train a whole batch of people. Some of the production staff at NS applied for transfer to NI and so I met them again when I spent time in NI. One curious incident I remember very well as we both had to have vaccinations against smallpox before going to the Welsh sites in 1962!

      • Thanks, I remember New Southgate so well, the tube station was on a TV program recently. I also remember a design session we ran in the factory over Easter one year with a group of North Americans, and having to go to a local Pizza place in a mini and trying to fit 23 Pizza onto the back seat. Keep well and enjoy the memories.

  4. My father Jim Strugnell worked for STC for 44 years, first at Southgate and then transferred to the Monkstown plant in 1961. He retired in 1976 and passed away in 1977. Chris Strugnell

  5. I worked at STC as a relay inspector in the mid 1960s ……..still best friends with the girl who worked next to me .

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